Our Gold Coast-based strategic partners 40/40 Creative have worked with Uber since 2014 and have been involved in the highly memorable Uber Puppies, Uber Ice Cream and Uber Jet campaigns. They were asked by Uber and DrinkWise to create a campaign to address the need for friends to look after each other when they’re out for a few drinks. We partnered with 40/40 Creative to handle video production and post-production of the 3 x 30-second TVCs in the campaign.



The campaign featured a modern re-arrangement of ‘Thank You For Being a Friend’, the theme song from the famous 90s show The Golden Girls.

Video production

As part of an integrated campaign, Milkable created 3 x 30-second TVCs, each depicting a slightly different situation that we can all relate to – “Karaoke”, “Dancing” and “Where’s My Keys?”.


The result

Since its launch in mid-December 2016, the videos have clocked up over 1.2 million views on YouTube – and that’s just the beginning of what could be a long term partnership between Uber and DrinkWise.

In their own words

“It was a pleasure having the Milkable crew help bring our creative vision to life”.

40/40 Creative – Nic Nichols (Founder)

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